Barlus Underwater Viewing Poe Fishing 5mp Camera for Garden Pond Camera

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5MP 2592*1944@15fps; 4MP 2560*1440@25fps; 3MP 2048*1536@25fps POE Function: Power Over Ethernet Makes Easier Wiring and Installation , Advanced POE Technology Enables You to Use a Single Network Cable for Both Video and Power Transmission. Camera material: 304 stainless steel, IP68 waterproof design,corrosion-resistant, can be permanently fixed in the bottom High quality special cable:5M length waterproof /anti-corrosion/cold/tensile Use environment: Koi pond camera, swimming pool camera, aquarium camera, underwater rescue viewing

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Barlus Underwater Viewing Poe Fishing 5mp Camera for Garden Pond Camera


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Effective still resolution

‎5 MP, 4 MP

Item dimensions L x W x H

‎13 x 9 x 9 centimetres

Package Weight

‎1.91 Kilograms

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‎1 Count (Pack of 1)



Water Resistance Level


Barlus Underwater Viewing Poe Fishing 5mp Camera for Garden Pond Camera


1 review

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November 3, 2023

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Camera Specifications:

  • 1.Resolution: HD star-light illumination CMOS sensor
  • 2.Lens: 3.6mm, Angle:80 ° ,Focus: 2Meter,murky water use
  • 3.Camera size: 90mm * 90mm * 70mm (including bracket 130mm)
  • 4.Camera material: 304 stainless steel, IP68 waterproof design,corrosion-resistant, Long-term fixed underwater use, long-term use of wet areas.
  • 5. Anti-pressure: Maximum pressure pressure 150Kpa(Water depth<15 meters)
  • 6. Camera tail length of 5 meters (special wire, anti-aging, anti-stretch, hydrolysis resistance.)
  • 7. Support mobile phone remote monitoring (iOS, Android);
  • 8.Support browser access
  • 9. Free mobile software and computer software
  • 10. Support docking with HVR / NVR, support standard Onvif protocol;
  • 11. Supporto per lo sviluppo secondario dell’SDK
  • 12. Supporto RTSP
  • 13. DC12V/POE 48V-54V Power out pin:Mode-A 1,2( )/3,6(-)
  • 14. camera working maximum power: 10W

Use environment:Underwater survey camera,Underwater work camera(such as checking the cage hole),Diving adventure camera,Underwater engineering acceptance camera,Downhole observation camera (such as drilling and workover),Fishing camera .

Package Included:

1x camera (include 5M cable and RJ45 box)

1x Power Adapter

1x User Manuel

Waterproof performance

It is fixed under water and its waterproof performance is better.

Many of the same products on the market can only be underwater for several hours, while the BARLUS camera can be installed underwater all the time

Barlus special cable

Specially designed for underwater environments, anti-corrosion, and tensile resistant materials.

Our underwater camera can be used at a maximum water depth of 20M. The product comes standard with a 5M cable. If you need other length cables, please tell me and we will ship it to you in China.

For cables over 10M, the power supply mode can only choose one of the following three methods: 1.DC24V 2.AC24V 3.POE

If you need more than 20M water depth, please choose our 316L stainless steel series

Aquaculture camera

Swimming pool

Rescue work camera

Fishing Entertainment

Aquaculture camera

  • Our underwater camera are widely used in shrimp farming, koi viewing, aquariums and other venues to check the feeding and health of animals.

Swimming pool

  • You can see if the swimmer is drowning through the underwater camera. In the swimming training scene, you can clearly see whether the action is standard.

Rescue work

  • In the cold water, how to find the location of the drowning person is quickly accurate?You can through the barlus camera.

Fishing entertainment

Fishing entertainment

  • You can use the underwater camera to find the location of the fishs, and then slowly wait for the fish to hook.