Bold Smart Locks – SX-33 Lock Cylinder – Bold Connect

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Completely keyless Suitable for all traditional European door locks SKG *** quality mark Determine who has access (and in what period) Can also be opened with a pin code

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Bold Smart Locks – SX-33 Lock Cylinder – Bold Connect
249,95  289,95 


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Before we can start together

Make sure you have the right size of our Bold Smart Cylinder. We have different sizes available and which one you need depends on your door. Open your door and look on the side of it where the lock comes out. Here you have a screw. Measure both sizes (inner size & outer size) from the screw and match it with the sizes in our size guide.


After you’ve received your lock, download our app and follow the instructions inside. Connect with your phone number, verify and you are ready to go. Connect your Bold Smart Cylinder to your account following the instructions in the app; now it is yours! Installing the lock in your door only takes five minutes

Ready to go!

From now on, you can throw away your keys! You can use your phone to open your door. Do you ever forget your phone? No worries; you can set a pin-code to unlock your door. To make life even more easier for you, we have the ‘auto-activation’. That means that you don’t even have to pick your phone if you don’t want to. Bluetooth does all the work for you.

Bold Connect

What is the Bold Connect?

Unlock your door from anywhere by purchasing the Bold Smart Cylinder in combination with the Bold Connect. Our Connect allows you to join Wi-Fi to open your door – temporarily – to fully control your property whenever, wherever

Introducing the Bold Clicker

“No smartphone? No problem. There’s an easy alternative to safely open and lock the door. The Bold Clicker allows you to activate your Bold Smart Lock by the click of a button and a twist to turn. Be Bold. For the benefit of all: it’s especially suitable for elderly, children and very useful for your business