VOX Amplification VH-Q1 SMART DJ Headphones BT® Stereo Black Noise cancelling

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SMART NOISE CANCELLING HEADPHONES FOR GUITARISTS Unrivaled sound quality and active noise cancelling: A completely new generation of headphones for guitarists and bass players.VOX – a guarantor for legendary guitar sounds for over 60 years

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VOX Amplification VH-Q1 SMART DJ Headphones BT® Stereo Black Noise cancelling
259,95  329,95 


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VOX – a guarantor for legendary guitar sounds for over 60 years – now presents the ideal headphone for guitarists: The VH-Q1. This innovative headphone offers several functions at once: Active, high-quality noise cancelling, numerous control elements for controlling the different functions as well as unique features for musicians, which can help to influence your practice sessions positively and thereby experience the highest possible sound quality.
Superior sound quality Whether you’re listening to your favorite music, talking hands-free, or practicing with your acoustic guitar, electric guitar, or electric bass, you need the best possible sound that headphones can deliver. The VH-Q1 has been specifically tuned to deliver the best possible hearing experience in all these situations – all in a single headphone.The perfect practice tool for acoustic guitar and vocalsWith its powerful monitoring technology, the VH-Q1 with its integrated microphones can detect and isolate the frequencies of your acoustic guitar or even your voice.
Full connectivity, easy operation Through the support of numerous common Bluetooth codecs (SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX-xLLC, aptX-HD), The VH-Q1 enables the use of Google Assistant and Siri, and its radiation bundling technology allows crystal-clear audio transmission while telephoning free-handed – thus you remain always in touch!The VH-Q1 combines physical buttons and switches with a touch-sensitive touch surface to provide optimal and intuitive control
Flawless sound and professional performance The VH-Q1 shines with an enormous frequency response, a rich overtone structure and a rich dynamic range. This is primarily due to the balanced sound of the 41mm large PEEK transformers with high-quality film embran. The adjustable ear cushions and the ear-enclosing shells provide for an excellent sound insulation and an optimum wearing comfort.Thanks to its professional processing, the VH-Q1 offers a highly differentiated audio playback.
ANC The VH-Q1 offers a particularly advanced noise-cancelling system, which combines feed forward and feedback active noise cancelling and is tuned in such a way that it can reproduce the sound of your music, your guitar or your bass guitar in the highest possible quality.

Rechargeable battery with up to 36 hours operating timeShort latency of only 40 ms (important e.g. for gaming and making music)Includes carrying case, jack adapter and cable (in addition to Bluetooth functionality)